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Service and repair of equipment

Warranty and post-warranty repair, maintenance of machinery and equipment are carried out at service centers in Brovary (Kyiv region), Lviv and by mobile repair teams. Thus, the whole cycle related to maintenance and repair of equipment is fully covered.

Our services

Warranty and service

The works on warranty and service of equipment are performed.

Repair of equipment

Service centers offer current and capital repairs ofl machinery. Service centers provide current and capital repairs for the following machinery: graders, excavators, backhoe loaders, communal machines - vacuum sewage disposal automobiles, sludge pumping machines, pipe washing machines , road sweepers, etc. Service centers have warehouses of spare parts, thus reducing time and cost of repair of equipment.


Service centers

Kiev region

Address: m. Brovary, st. Urine Sagittarius , 4.

Tel.:+38 (044) 233-64-67

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