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For more than 15 years Speсbudmash specializes in the production of communal and road machinery and spare parts. From year to year the company grows, develops successfully, modernizes production, introducing innovative technologies. Speсbudmash offers a wide range of products (more than 70 items manufactured at its own production facilities): vacuum, sludge pumping, pipe washing machines; machines for clearing sewer networks; garbage trucks with different types of load, watering, snow removing, sand- and salt- spreading installations; road machines for maintenance and repair of road coverage (machines for patching); service and repair machines and workshops, etc. Speсbudmash is Ukrainian plant, goods of which can compete with European analogues in quality, reliability and easiness of use. Service centers, which are located in Kyiv, and Lviv, as well as mobile repair teams are ready to provide warranty and service. Own production and continued availability of the majority of spare parts in warehouses allows to meet to customers requests quickly.

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