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Pipe washing equipment on Renault D15 chassis from


The chassis equipped with diesel engine with turbocharged. Engine power - 265 hp,  displacement - 7.2 liters.

Maximum travel speed - 90 km/h.

Cab for 7 persons (with driver), two-row with  mechanical suspension.

Equipped with heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

Standard equipment includes:

  • Pratissoli high pрressure pump. Performance 212 l / min, pressure - 190 bar.
  • Water tank with volume up to 6.8 cubic meters. Tank is equipped with a water level sensor with alarm.
  • The main drum with turning angle of 180 degrees.

    Pressure hose DN25 length 100 m.

Machine equipment with TV Inspection System P 350 flexitrax to monitor sewer network state.


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