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Communal machinery

Municipal buses refers to the great family of the technical means used to carry out a specific set of tasks to ensure befitting of the entire infrastructure of the city. If we take into account the main functionality of this type of technology, we can distinguish a couple of major groups. Here, for example, municipal cleaning equipment, its main task - support order and cleanliness.

The other group consists of utility vehicles, the main mission of which is to serve. Under the service is meant washing drainage systems and urban sewage systems, various cleaning operations, cleaning of blockages and so on. This municipal cleaning equipment includes vacuum trucks, machines for washing and cleaning of channels.

A separate group becomes municipal buses, which specializes in the processing, recycling and export of various types of waste and garbage. This utility vehicles, such as container ships, trucks, and so on.

Sale of municipal engineering

Buy municipal engineering company Budshlyahmash - is the key to your success. A good utility vehicle is an inseparable element of a healthy functioning of any of the current metropolis. Budshlyahmash offers you a wide range of choice, any communal machine - a set of functional, quality and reliability. sale of municipal vehicles is carried out in the following areas:

  • Equipment for housing and communal services (mulososnye machine kanaloochestnye machines, vacuum machines, trucks, utilities combined, the machine);
  • Equipment for road maintenance (patching machines, Combined road machines, solerazbrasyvayuschie machines, marking machines, snow removal equipment);
  • chassis for setting the equipment.

Presented road construction technique, you can buy that at Shchelkovskaya, 4, Brovary, it has long been a leader in our market.

Buy utility equipment "Budshlyahmash"

The first thing to look out for when selecting groundscare machines, is its characteristics. Grounds Care, you can buy in Budshlyahmash, a wide range of detailed features on this site. When you select a particular category engineering must take into account the fact that the equipment intended for special purposes, may doukomplektirovatsya subordinate facilities at your desire.

Budshlyahmash gives you the golden ratio between the value of machines and their quality, now you do not have to look for alternatives that will suit you and at the price, and technical characteristics. Features which distinguish our machines include:

  • a full set of functionality;
  • ideal price-performance ratio;
  • manufacturer's reputation;
  • reliability and uptime;
  • ease of maintenance.

The range of companies Budshlyahmash a wide range of modern models of utility vehicles, which will fully satisfy the needs of every consumer. Special machines are characterized by comfort and maneuverability to operate. All equipment has excellent performance characteristics.

The most important credo Budshlyahmash - is taking care of our customers, so Conversion utility equipment from us, you can be assured of its quality. The company specializes in the same way and accessories for machines of this kind, so you can always buy our spare parts for cars. Also, we provide warranty repair and maintenance for all types of municipal vehicles, so you can not worry about unplanned repairs.

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