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Construction and road technique

The best road construction equipment from "Budshlyahmash"

Construction buses is a huge family of various means of techniques that are used to repair and the creation of various types of road surfaces. Road construction equipment includes a group of machines that provide a full cycle of road LEAF production. This cycle begins with the preparations of soil and ends with the application of road markings on finished surfaces.

Construction buses is rich in its wide selection, which is determined by the above given fact. Directory of construction equipment includes a variety of self-propelled machinery, as well as a variety of trailer types, different types of attachments and manual types of equipment, equipment on tracks, as well as on wheels. Today, the construction equipment prices vary a lot and can be difficult to choose.

Sale of road equipment is classified according to various criteria. One of the criteria for the classification of specialized equipment - this is its purpose:

  • various earthworks and preparatory work on all surfaces of varying complexity (bulldozers, graders, soil compactors, scrapers);
  • equipment for the production of various construction mixtures, as well as the technique for placing them on the pavements;
  • machines for layouts;
  • strengthening of road surfaces in the agreements confined spaces (compactors, rammers, rollers paving);
  • strengthening of road surfaces;
  • machines which are designed for the reconstruction and / or removing various road surfaces;
  • technology, which is designed for packing various paving slabs.

Road-building machinery of our production is sure to meet all the requirements that are stated. Road construction of high quality equipment allows us to decisively ahead of other competing manufacturers.

Our catalog of construction machinery

On our site contains various road construction equipment, buy it, you can at an affordable price with high quality assurance. In this section of the site you will find out what we have provided construction equipment, prices and quality products. Road construction machinery we carried out by Category:

  • excavators;
  • backhoe loaders;
  • wheel loaders;
  • loaders;
  • dump trucks;
  • graders;
  • rollers;
  • tractor;
  • bulldozers;
  • reloaders.

"Budshlyahmash" company success secrets rooted in histories of annual permanent formation and improve the production of construction machinery. Constant introduction of innovative technologies, modernization of equipment, monitoring of the wishes and opinions of clients - that it is the key to our company's success, which today leaves behind all its competitors, demonstrating the high quality of its products. Production and sale of road machinery, construction machinery, - this is what we are constantly doing for many years, and what succeeded. Solid construction machinery directory says about the competence and professionalism of the company.

Road construction equipment at competitive prices!

Sale of road equipment - one of the main directions of "Budshlyahmash" company. Our construction equipment, the price of which will pleasantly surprise you, is designed to create high-quality coatings in any volume.

Road construction equipment, buy you can have, the good quality and the quality, efficiency and reliability. The level of work related to the construction, directly depends on the company's reputation, which carries out these works, so trust us, you will receive an excellent level of pavement, paving and so on. Operating since 2003, the company has already established itself among the vast number of customers. Top road construction machines from the "Budshlyahmash" permit to perform work of any orientation - they have a long service life and wide range of applications.

We have provided a large range of specialized vehicles as well as spare parts, for example terex spare parts, and This caters to the most demanding customers. The site contains descriptions and specifications to the entire building equipment, which very accurately describe their specifications, capabilities, and potential.

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