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Slow-speed shredder

The Pronar slow-speed mobile shredders are designed for the pre-processing of all types of materials: municipal and construction waste, pallets, debris, timber, green waste, shrubs, roots, and bulky materials. Machines are mobile, so they have the ability to be quickly transported to any place, which increases the range of machine applications. Transport on a public roads can be carried out using a lorry, without having to request special permits. The construction of machines allows them to be transported on a low-bed trailers and machines in a wheeled chassis version can be transported as a trailer with a maximum speed up to 100 km/ h. Shredder comprises two synchronously working shafts in a working chamber. Pronar MRW 2.85 can work with any type of material, as the working chamber and a chute are made of heavy duty and abrasion-resistant materials.

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