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Thanks to the durable construction and simple principle of operation, mobile screens are perfect for working with various materials – soil, compost, municipal waste, coal, aggregate and biomass. The screening drum can be made according to the customer demands  – circular or square perforation, with any mesh size. The dimensions of the machine and the possibility of aggregation, for example with a truck, allows it  to be towed on a public roads without requesting special permits. Wide opening covers provide the ability to quickly and efficiently access the engine placed on a rotating frame, providing excellent access to the powertrain,  hopper and hydraulics.

Name: Effective sieve surface, m² In-Feed hopper capacity, m³ Trommel rotational speed, rpm
MPB 14.44 16,2 3,3 23
MPB 18.47 22,1 5 23
MPB 18.47G 22,1 5 23
MPB 20.55G 29,8 6 19
MBP 20.55 29,8 6 19
MPB 20.55GH 29,8 6 19
MPB 20.72 40,6 6 19
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